Our Mission, Vision & Values

“They are not just waiting for that acute situation to come up. They offer and they look for ways to make life easier and better instead of waiting for you to ask for it.”

—Naomi Rasmussen, daughter of a patient

Our Mission: why we exist

Improving lives by bringing health care home

Our Vision: our desired future

To sustainably transform home-based medicine so all homebound adults and those living with serious illness have access to care that improves their quality of life.

Our Values: what we believe in

Compassion and respect

  • We act with regard for personal autonomy and the uniqueness of each individual
  • We serve our patients, caregivers and each other with compassion to reduce the burden of human suffering
  • We honor the dignity of each individual

Authentic relationships

  • We create a culture of support with our patients and colleagues by recognizing each other’s strengths, aspirations, and needs
  • We practice self-reflection, give and receive feedback with integrity, and assume good intentions
  • We discover our potential by revealing our genuine selves and being in service to others


  • We rely on each other to bring the best service to our patients
  • We embrace trust and transparency so that we can fully collaborate with our patients and colleagues
  • We nurture each other and honor the contributions each person makes
  • We celebrate success as a team; we support one another when we fail


  • We have the courage to face difficulty and to advocate for our employees and patient
  • We always strive to do the right thing in the face of adversity
  • We treat failure as our best teacher
  • We seek new and better ways to do our work and are unafraid to ask for help

Social justice

  • We advocate for those with less voice, less power, less privilege, or less access
  • We are dedicated to better health or relief of suffering and strive to mitigate the imbalance created by the social determinants of health
  • We honor the inherent value of every person

Diversity Statement

We embrace the diversity of our employees, patients, and those who care for them. Through awareness and advocacy, we are working to create health equity by recognizing and reducing barriers that affect non-dominant groups within Housecall Providers and our communities at large.

Our newsletter is sent out three times a year to our patients and Housecall Providers supporters to let them know what we’ve been up to.

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