Board thanks donors….one call at a time!

April 25, 2015

A job well done! The participants of the first ever “thank-a-thon.”

By Susan Ehrman, Director of Development

The Board of Directors of Housecall Providers held its first “thank-a-thon” the evening of April 15th. This was a great opportunity to say a big “thank you” to many of our 2014 donors without whom the continuation of our mission would simply not be possible. For the more than 1,800 homebound patients who will receive their healthcare from Housecall Providers this year, insurance reimburses us for only 2/3 of the actual cost of care. This leaves a significant gap each year. Donations from hundreds of generous individuals in the community help make up the difference.

As board members spoke with donors – from work spaces in our office – and explained, “I’m not asking you for anything. I’m just calling to say thank you!”, there was tremendous energy and excitement in the air.

Donors provided great feedback:
“You were a godsend to our family”
“I’ve never seen a finer organization. I should have their names [care providers] tattooed on my arm. In one visit, they spent more time with my uncle than any doctor had in the last 2 years!”
“I’m so glad you provide this sort of support to the community.”

phone bank

Board members (l) Dwayne Scales, Mauro Hernandez and Dr. Woody English contacting donors to personally thank them for supporting our mission.

Steve Annette Susan

Board members Steve Kaplan, Annette Kendall and director of development, Susan Ehrman discuss the comments collected from donors at the first thank-a-thon.



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