CEO Report Spring 2023

April 28, 2023
Rebecca Ramsay. MPH, CEO of Housecall Providers. Community relationships.

Rebecca Ramsay. MPH

Dear patients, family members, caregivers and community supporters,

We enter 2023 with a collective sense of renewed energy, purpose and hopefulness. As the weather warms and spring unfolds, it is my hope that we can all begin to visualize a future where our community can come together to celebrate life, and, through engagement and connection, rediscover our common purposes. In the spring newsletter last year, I announced that Housecall Providers developed a community engagement program to help build a strong network of community partners, as well as to rebuild waning connections weakened by the pandemic. I said then, “First and foremost, we want to fine-tune our listening ear so we can truly absorb the exchanges and information that flow from the populations we serve. We want to make sure we hear what is truly being requested and how we can facilitate connections that address those needs.”

The pandemic is now entering its fourth year. Our virtual 25th anniversary event in 2020 was as close as we got to gathering together in person. And, frankly, we miss you. We miss the camaraderie, the support and the collective wisdom that real connection brings. With that in mind, we are asking for your feedback. As the backbone of our network of community supporters, we want to know if you are ready to gather together in person again, to share the triumphs and hardships of the past few years and to look forward to a new era of connecting. Please take a moment to take our survey by clicking here. Sharing your thoughts will only take a few minutes, and your voice will help us build the connections that bring health care home.

Through patience, kindness, compassion and authenticity, community connections are built and strengthened. Through these connections, resilience is fostered. And with resilience, we thrive. This issue of The Patient’s Advocate contains a series of stories focused on how connection improves, enriches, and even saves our patients’ lives, as well as those of our extended community.

Warmest regards,


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