CEO Report

April 17, 2019

Rebecca Ramsay

I cannot remember a time when “fixing” the U.S. health care system wasn’t one of the top three campaign promises. Politicians strategically align themselves with the views of millions of Americans who are tired of spending such a large portion of their income on health care, and who are concerned that their dollars should be buying higher-quality care.

From a health professional viewpoint, there are literally thousands of health care quality metrics (like blood pressure and cholesterol level) that are collected, monitored and reported to health care systems all over the country. By and large, however, these metrics represent quality from a provider and insurer viewpoint and not what is important to the individual receiving the care.

What does high-quality health care mean to you? Does it mean that your blood pressure reading and cholesterol level are within the normal range, that symptoms are managed effectively to minimize pain and discomfort, or that your health care provider takes the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions?

At Housecall Providers, it is “D – All of the above.” Recently, we had the privilege to hear survey results from over 300 primary care patients and family members, as well as those served by our hospice, about what we do well and where we could improve our care.

By a large margin, you told us that you are happy with the care provided, and 96 percent of you would recommend our primary care services to your family or friends. Additionally, 92 percent of hospice survey respondents gave an overall positive rating of care. This is a wonderful compliment and encourages us to keep working to provide, fine-tune and expand this care. Feedback was also given on what we could do to improve, and we are reviewing those comments when we consider improvements to our care model.

It is very important to all of us that our patients, families and caregivers have a voice to tell us how we are doing so I want to thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey. Our goal in 2019 is to continue to provide high-quality care that you value, paying close attention that our care teams are listening to your goals, needs and concerns at every visit.

My sincere hope is that Housecall Providers, along with other home-based practices across the nation, inspire new, higher standards related to patient satisfaction. Together, we can work to bridge the divide between what quality care means to a provider or insurer and the patient receiving the care.

Some comments received from both surveys:

“My provider is flexible in coming at a time of day that works well with my schedule. She is prompt and a good listener. She takes time to hear all my concerns and explains clearly (sometimes several times) until I am confident in my understanding.”

“Don’t assume you always know better than the patients. Often times, patients have newer and more extensive knowledge.”

“[You] relate well with patients and patient’s families. My PCP has a large grasp on problems and medications as well as the ability to show empathy in addition to presenting facts in non-threating and concise manner. She is a godsend.”

“I feel, for the first time in my life, that I truly have a partner in my health care.”

“Seeing my family member in the home is huge. Going to an outside doctor’s appointment was exhausting and traumatic. Now she is seen without being upset. I felt that I was shown respect and not just treated as a number.”

“I find the care providers easy to understand, but my mother (95) sometimes has trouble because they are not speaking slowly enough.”


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