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July 1, 2015

Housecall Providers is pleased to announce that we are now offering our patients, and their authorized families and caregivers, access to a secure on-line patient portal. The patient portal provides registered users with 24 hour access to the patient’s personalized health information and the convenience of communicating with the patient’s health care team through a secure messaging system. We hope that this tool provides our patients with the ability to play an active role in managing their health care. Through the patient portal, you will be able to:

• View parts of the patient’s medical record
• View lab results
• Receive and send the patient’s healthcare team non-urgent messages
• Obtain a current list of your active medications
• Review your past Clinical Visit Summaries

To register, go to and complete the registration form. Once you have set up your account, click on the “Personal” tab and answer the questions under Basic Information. If you are registering as a patient’s representative create your own account first and then click Add New Dependent under the “Contacts & Privacy” tab.

Please note: Under the Basic Information you will need to provide the patient’s Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Medical Record Number. This information is required to ensure the privacy of our patient’s health information. If you have questions about signing up or need assistance with your account, please contact Emma Nabors at or 971-202-5560.


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