Dr. Andrew Sperlin: Housecall Providers satisfies his sense of mission

February 20, 2012
Andrew Sperlin, MD

Andrew Sperlin, MD

by Dan Cook, To the Point

Dr. Andrew “Andy” Sperlin has been working as a primary care physician with Housecall Providers for more than a decade. His background prior to joining Housecall Providers varied greatly, including practicing medicine in Africa for six months early in his career, then returning to the U.S., where he treated a mostly poverty-level population in Yakima, Washington. From there, his desire to serve underserved patients led to a position as physician with the Multnomah County correctional system. Thus the move to Housecall Providers fit seamlessly with his deep compassion for his patients’ well-being.

“I think everyone who comes here and stays awhile does so because they like the mission of serving people who are not otherwise overserved,” he says. “The home visit is just so much better for them, and for me.”

Dr. Sperlin enjoys the challenges of providing health care to patients whose needs are great. There are no standard ways of treatment many ailments. The physician must be creative, intuitive and willing to take the time to understand the patient and their surroundings. Caregivers can offer great insight into patients’ conditions, he says. And then there is the entire Housecall Providers medical team to offer support.

“This team’s sense of camaraderie is so wonderful,” he says. “We all meet once a week and have to opportunity to discuss the perplexity of unusual cases with the rest of the team. This does not happen on any regular basis in the regular medical practice today.”

The team approach, ability to see patients where they live, and control over his caseload and schedule all greatly appeal to Dr. Sperlin. But what truly motivates him is the patient population he serves.

“It’s satisfying to be able to help people who are suffering,” he says. “Most of the needs that I address are fairly intense. When you ease their symptoms, it makes you feel like you are doing somebody some good.”


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