FollowMyHealth, the Housecall Providers patient portal

April 6, 2021

During the last year, more and more people have been asking how they can access their or a loved one’s medical records through a patient portal. Housecall Providers’ patient portal is called FollowMyHealth. Below are answers to some of our most asked questions about this platform.

What is the FollowMyHealth patient portal?

The FollowMyHealth patient portal is a totally free, secure and HIPAA-compliant way to review medications, communicate with your primary care provider, or track progress through a treatment. To sign up for the portal, call our offices at 971-202-5500 and request an account.

What can I do with my patient portal account?

The patient portal lets you keep up to date with changes to your medical record, including after-visit summaries, medication lists and lab results. You can also send a secure message to the Housecall Providers medical team.

Who can access the FollowMyHealth patient portal?

All patients may receive a FollowMyHealth patient portal or may designate a person to access the portal for them. Guardians and powers of attorney of patients can also register for access.

Why can’t I just e-mail my provider directly?

Regular email is NOT secure. Please do NOT send any health information or identifying information, including names and dates of birth, through regular email or on the Contact Us page of our website.

I am a proxy for a patient, but when I log into FollowMyHealth, there is no information – I see my own name but everything else is blank. What should I do?

The FollowMyHealth account belongs to you and may include your personal health information if this is the system your doctor uses too, otherwise it will look blank.  If you have proxy access to someone else’s account, you need to access this through the menu on the top right of the banner.

“I encourage all of my patients to enroll in the patient portal themselves or give access to someone they trust. I love being able to send a quick, secure message to answer a patient’s question or communicate a plan. The portal makes it easier to stay connected to patients and families, and for them to really know what’s going on with their care.”

JC Provost, APRN, DNP, FNP Asst. Medical Director Housecall Providers


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