Fundraising expert leads development efforts

February 22, 2015
Susan Ehrman

Susan Ehrman

Susan Ehrman is a thirty-year veteran of the nonprofit management world. After earning a degree in anthropology from Macalester College, Susan started her fundraising career at three universities in Boston, including Harvard Law School. She has worked with a variety of organizations over the years, including 15 years as Director of Development for Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Susan left the sunny climes of North Carolina and returned to her hometown to be closer to family and the Pacific Ocean. We sat down with Susan to discuss her new role as Director of Development for Housecall Providers, and to catch a glimpse of her vision for the future of fundraising at HCP.

Q: What is your role at Housecall Providers?
A: My job is to give people who care about our mission the opportunity to support us and guarantee we’ll be around for a long time.
Q: Why is it important for Housecall Providers to have a fundraising program?
A: While HCP receives insurance reimbursement for many aspects of its work, it does not cover the full cost of providing our unique set of services. Gifts from the community fill in the gap, and ensure that our holistic approach to healthcare is available to those who would otherwise not have access.
Q: What future projects are you most excited about?
A: We want to make it easy for our supporters to give, whether that be through our monthly giving program, contributing appreciated stock, or leaving a bequest in their will. HCP is an innovative organization, so there are several exciting opportunities on the horizon!
Q: What drew you to this work? Why Housecall Providers?
A: To be an effective fundraiser, I believe you must feel passionate about the mission you are serving. I was originally drawn to health care, and specifically hospice, because my mother died when I was young and these options were not available. At HCP, it’s about making sure that an underserved population has choices and access to good health care. In many ways, what we provide is so simple, but incredibly powerful.


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