FY12: Financials strong, clients very satisfied

March 5, 2013

Housecall Providers has been on a strong upward trend for several years now, and the results from our most recent fiscal year showed that fiscal year 2012 was a banner year both financially and in the quality of our services.  Here is a short summary of the year we’ve just completed:

 Housecall Providers recorded another solid performance in its most recent fiscal year.

  • Revenue rose from $5.1 million to $6.2 million, an increase of 21%. A good portion of this is attributable to donations and fundraising.  Thanks to all who made a contribution…we can’t do what we do without your support!
  • Patient fees in primary care were up nearly 28% from the prior year, while hospice patient fees grew by 17%. Once again, a high percentage of revenue went into direct services: 97%.
  •  Assets at year-end increased by 11% over the previous year. Our cash position at year-end was up 42% over 2011.
  •  Our latest patient satisfaction survey indicates that those who receive our services are very satisfied with them.
  •  Asked, “Would you recommend Housecall Providers to your family or friends if they needed medical care in their home?” 96% of family members, caregivers and patients surveyed said they would.
  •  99% answered “yes” to the statement, “Having in-home medical care improves my quality of life.”

 To see the complete results of the Patient Satisfaction survey, including comments by those surveyed, contact Elizabeth Jones at ejones@housecallproviders.org


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