Why Volunteer?

Why Volunteer with Housecall Providers?

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons.

You may have had a personal experience with a loved one and seen first-hand the comfort that a compassionate hospice team can bring to a family during a time of great change. Maybe someone you love has benefited from in-home primary or palliative care, and you want to pay the positive impact forward. Or you might have recently retired or find yourself exploring a career working in health care and you would like the opportunity to advance your professional skills.

Some of our volunteers are working toward credit in college or a vocational program and others have had long careers in the field and are simply looking to contribute in a new way.

It could be that you are a veteran, looking to be there for another veteran who is isolated or near the end of life. Or you might be a deep believer in the power of music to heal and connect to one’s memory and want to offer your talents to contribute to our music program.

Perhaps you simply have the desire to contribute to our society and are looking for a way to make positive impact on the lives of others by working in service of the elderly and/or people living with serious illness.

There are as many different reasons to volunteer as there are people in our community. Whatever your rationale, our commitment is to match you with meaningful work that honors your reasons for becoming a part of our volunteer family.


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