Housecall Providers Hospice earns highest recognition

November 3, 2023
Housecall Providers Hospice earns NHPCO 4 Rings 2023

Housecall Providers Hospice achieves National recognition through Quality Connections Program, only second program in Oregon to receive this achievement.

Housecall Providers Hospice has achieved a remarkable recognition by earning all four rings in the 2023 Quality Connections program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). This outstanding achievement places Housecall Providers Hospice among the top providers of high-quality, person-centered hospice and palliative care in Oregon.

Quality Connections stands as the sole national program specifically designed to support hospice and palliative care providers in delivering exceptional, patient-focused care. Housecall Providers Hospice now proudly joins the elite ranks as one of only two hospices in the state of Oregon to reach this notable accomplishment.

This accomplishment not only demonstrates the hospice’s dedication to providing outstanding end-of-life care but also signifies its commitment to staying current with the latest and best practices in the realm of serious illness and end-of-life care.

“This is an incredible achievement for our hospice, and it acknowledges and validates the clinical excellence we are committed to when caring for our hospice patients and families,” said CEO Rebecca Ramsay, MPH.

The Quality Connections program revolves around four fundamental pillars, each symbolized by one of the four rings: Education, Application, Measurement, and Innovation. Participants in Quality Connections are required to meet specific milestones within defined time frames by engaging in activities that promote high-quality care delivery and service excellence. These activities include quarterly data reporting, benchmarking, educational courses, case studies, and engagement on emerging issues.

Achievement in the program is gauged by the completion of activities within each of the four foundational areas, resulting in the closure of up to four rings, symbolizing a commitment to delivering the best care possible.

Learn more about Housecall Providers Hospice here.

View the press release here.


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