Donor spotlight: A journey from employee to advocate

November 21, 2023
Deborah & Ron Threadgill of Threadgill's Memorial Services in Beaverton, Oregon are supporters and advocates of Housecall Providers in-home medical services - primary care, palliative care, and hospice.

Deborah and Ron Threadgill have been supporting Housecall Providers’ mission for over a decade.

In most organizations, it’s a rarity to discover individuals who remain closely connected long after they’ve departed – not the case for Deborah Threadgill. Deborah first connected as an employee. Now she and her husband Ron maintain that connection as long-time donors and supporters of the mission of Housecall Providers.

Deborah’s story with Housecall Providers began in 2010, when Housecall Providers was in the much smaller SE Belmont Street office. Over five years, she worked as a Hospice Billing Specialist and formed strong bonds with staff members, many of whom still work at the organization and remember the joy and spirit she brought into the office every day.

“The people at Housecall Providers, they have heart and are fierce advocates for their patients,” said Deborah. “They are fulfilling such a critical need in serving people who often can’t get health care except at the hospital.”

It isn’t just friends that keep Deborah and Ron connected, though. They believe in the work being done every day because Deborah has seen firsthand the impact of home-based medicine on the lives of homebound and seriously ill patients. They believe Housecall Providers is uniquely qualified to deliver the essential services that help the most at-risk individuals in our community live their best lives possible.

“We continue to support Housecall Providers because of the positive impact that in-home medical care has on countless families throughout the area,” said Ron. “People can see that the staff are living and breathing the mission and values. Housecall Providers is an indispensable nonprofit.”

Deborah and Ron’s story is a great example of being committed not just to a job, but to a meaningful cause. Housecall Providers is very thankful for their strong support these many years and for sharing the vision of making a positive difference in one’s community.


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