Frequently Asked Questions for Marion and Polk counties

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Q: Who is eligible to receive an in home medical care visit from Housecall Providers?

A: Housecall Providers serves chronically ill and homebound adults. Our patient population includes medically fragile elders, individuals with multiple complex chronic health conditions, and people with physical or cognitive disabilities. Additionally, the patient must NOT be in need of an emergency first visit, and the patient (or family, if appropriate) must agree to accept our services.

Q: How do I get started as a new patient?


  • Give our Intake Department a call at (971) 202-5500.
  • Our intake coordinators will gather basic information and conduct a brief pre-screening with you over the phone to confirm that you live within our service area, that we are a good fit for your medical needs, and that we accept your insurance.
  • Once confirmed, our coordinator will send you a new patient application (the application form is also located on the Marion Polk primary care page) to complete and return to our offices.
Q: How long will it take to schedule my first in home medical care visit?

A:  Our intake team can give you an estimate as to how long your wait might be, but because things change constantly, it can be difficult to make accurate predictions. We encourage you to begin the registration process early- before a crisis hits, as we are not able to make urgent visits to new patients.

Q: What types of services do you offer?

A:  Many of the medical services you’d find in a traditional office-based medical clinic can be performed in the home by our specially trained clinicians or partners in care. Some of these services include: physical examinations, medication prescription and management, diagnostic testing (such as x-rays, and ultrasounds), lab testing, wound care, chronic disease evaluation and management, pulse oximetry, and many more. Our care coordinators work with patients and their insurance companies to schedule appointments, coordinate with specialists, and order needed medical equipment.

Q: What do you consider to be “home?” Where can a Housecall Providers primary care clinician see me?

A: Wherever you live! We visit patients living in private homes, adult care homes, assisted living and residential care facilities. Call our office if you have a question or need further clarification. Geographic areas we currently serve in the Salem/Kaizer area are within the following zip codes: 97301, 97302 and 97303. (Please visit our service area map here.)

Q: What types of insurance does Housecall Providers accept?
Q: Can I use a secondary insurance policy to cover what my primary insurance does not cover?

A: Yes, Housecall Providers will automatically bill your secondary insurance for any charges that are not covered by primary insurance.

Q: Will my provider visits be scheduled regularly or on an as-needed basis?

A: On average, patients are visited about every six weeks to help manage their chronic conditions. Patients may be seen more or less frequently based on their individual needs.

Q: What if I need a visit after hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday?

A: We do not routinely make after-hours or weekend visits, but a clinician is available by phone 24×7. Clinicians take turns managing weekend phone calls so our patients, their caregivers or family members always have access to a Housecall Providers clinician.

Q: Will my Housecall Providers clinician be my primary care provider?

A: Yes. When you apply to be a Housecall Providers patient we ask that you sign a release stating that your provider will take over as your primary care practitioner.

Q: How do I contact my primary care provider if I have a medical question?

A: Because our clinicians spend all day out in the field seeing patients, the best way to contact them with a medical question is to call our office at (971) 202-5500, and ask to speak to your clinician’s care coordinator. Our care coordinators are in contact with the primary care provider throughout the day, and will be able to make sure they receive your message.

Q: What if I need more than a primary care house call?

A: We have developed a multidisciplinary care model to meet the holistic physical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their families and caregivers. Our primary care team is comprised of not only providers (MDs, NPs and PAs) and their care coordinators but also includes registered nurses, social workers, and a spiritual counselor who are here to help you navigate your chronic conditions.

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