Meet Rita Isaac – Housecall Providers’ first-ever primary care liaison

July 27, 2022

Rita Isaac, right, discusses Housecall Providers’ services with Askol Saieedi, an administrator at Barbur Vista Care.

How long have you been working in health care?
I have been working in health care for seven years.

What attracted you to work at Housecall Providers?
The mission, longevity of the leadership team, culture, and how staff were treated are just a few of the things that attracted me to this organization.

Tell us your vision/plan/goal for this new position.
I want to be a resource to our care teams and help to strengthen our community partnerships, along with spreading the word about the amazing work we do at Housecall Providers.

What about this position do you find interesting/challenging?
I think it is interesting that we have never had someone in this role before, so we can make it what we need it to be. It’s challenging having such a large territory but also fun getting to see all the different areas and communities that we serve.

How do you see this position supporting patient-centered care?
Housecall Providers has never had to do primary care marketing in the sense of having someone in the field promoting our in-home medical care. That means there are many seriously ill and homebound individuals who do not know about this community asset, and that is where I come in. I also think we want to know when there are opportunities for improvement in our service, so I am here to listen too. All of this goes hand in hand with supporting patient-centered care.  

Although you’ve only been here a little over two months, what are some of the things you are hearing from the community?
Our community partners LOVE Housecall Providers! A lot of our partners wish all their residents could be on service and they appreciate the wonderful communication from our teams.

Finally, what do you do to recharge?
I play with my girls, cook, and hike. I love the outdoors.


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