New community liaisons reflect on first month

April 4, 2016

Michelle Meierotto

Michelle Meierotto

Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis

Housecall Providers’ new community liaisons, Michelle Meierotto and Debbie Davis, have had a very busy month meeting staff, going out on primary care house calls and hospice visits while learning the ins and outs of what it takes to provide excellent patient-centered care to over 2,000 homebound individuals a year.

So you have been with us just over a month now. What have you learned about HCP that you didn’t know before?

(M) It was a wonderful surprise to learn that HCP utilizes their volunteers in all possible aspects of the organization, not just to comply with Medicare hospice rules. We know that revolutionary thought was responsible for the existence of HCP and it’s refreshing to see that it still exists!

(D) What I have learned so far is the Mission of Housecall Providers lives within its employees “… dedicated to providing quality home-centered medical care, integrating primary, palliative and hospice services for homebound members of our community….” I have observed incredible compassion, caring, clarity, tenderness with patients and family members. I feel blessed to be part of this incredible organization.

You have had the opportunity to go out with primary care providers and hospice team members to get a better idea of the model of care we offer the community. Is there one experience that stands out for you?

(M) I had the honor of attending a hospice admit with a nurse and a social worker. It was inspiring to witness their clear and careful demeanor with all the people involved – patient, family and caregiver. Every day, hospice staff perform an amazingly graceful ‘dance’ of balancing the delivery of clinical knowledge with the delicate emotional needs of the people they serve. It is humbling to watch.

(D) I went on a hospice visit with Morgan to see a 103-year-old woman who had been falling frequently. We met with the patient’s daughter as well as the facility’s resident care coordinator to discuss a plan to minimize the falls. What I witnessed was Morgan’s collaborative style; she didn’t force her plan of action, instead, she asked the resident care coordinator what she thought would be an effective strategy. She checked in with the daughter to make sure she was on board and then made some recommendations of her own. I was very impressed with her process. It wasn’t “us” dictating how to remedy the situation, rather, it was an inclusive, collaborative plan for the betterment of the patient.

Did you experience something this month that validated your decision to be part of the HCP team?

(M) All of my colleagues, and I do mean all of them, are here doing this selfless work for the greater good. It feels pretty amazing to be surrounded by that type of positive energy!

(D) I feel validated every day when I walk through the door. Staff members are so welcoming and every single conversation is person-centered; you can tell that people really care about each other. I feel completely embraced by the organization.


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