Partner Spotlight: Clackamas County Public Health Agency

April 19, 2021

A very happy customer! Caregiver Bob Ferguson and Clackamas County Public Health Nurse Jolynn Miller after Bob received his COVID-19 vaccination.


It’s a bit unusual for us to select such a large public health agency as our spotlight. But considering the service that Clackamas County Public Health performed in helping to vaccinate our homebound patients in their area against COVID-19, it seems only fitting.

Housecall Providers and Clackamas County joined forces after discussing the limited options homebound community members had to get vaccinated. Using Maptive, the geo-mapping software that assists in scheduling in-home medical appointments, Housecall Providers grouped the patients so that drive time between stops would be minimal, thus making the vaccination process as efficient as possible for County Nurse Jolynn Miller.

“Housecall Providers cut down my prep and drive time considerably with Maptive,” say Miller. “So much so that I recommended it to my boss, who saw its worth immediately and now we have a similar mapping software for our team.”

Miller, who visits homes regularly through working with two of the county’s programs – Cocoon and Babies First! – said she was happy to take on this roll and learn about the services Housecall Providers offers. After entering the homes, it became immediately evident there was just no way that these people would be able to navigate any of the current vaccination options, not even a pharmacy.

“Everyone I saw was so grateful I was able to visit their home,” says Miller. “I think the most popular comment I heard was how much people are looking forward to just being with their families again.”

Miller started the first round of vaccinations in mid-February and finished the second-round shots in late March. All in all, she vaccinated approximately 125 homebound people.

“I love that I have the freedom to use my judgement inside the home and spend extra time if I need to, and that I’m not just another medical person rushing them through,” says Miller. “I think this is the best part about partnering with Housecall Providers because they take the same approach to care.”


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