Primary care team honored for excellence in team-based care

October 19, 2023
Portland Oregon's Housecall Providers Primary Care team receives the American Academy of Home Care Medicine (AAHCM) House Call Interdisciplinary Team of the Year Award

The first-ever House Call Interdisciplinary Team of the Year includes (L to R) Ashley Schumacher, Gillian Beck van Heemstra, Crystal Delatorre and Cheryl Zechmann.

The American Academy of Home Care Medicine (AAHCM) recently presented its inaugural House Call Interdisciplinary Team of the Year Award to a Housecall Providers Primary Care team, highlighting their outstanding contributions to home-based medical care. Primary Care’s innovative approach, which emphasizes a team-based care model, has significantly enhanced the quality of health care delivered to homebound and seriously ill patients and emphasizes the importance of collaborative care in the field of home-based medicine.

Primary Care Provider Ashley Schumacher, NP, who previously worked with Housecall Providers, returned to the organization because of the shift to collaborative care. “I came back only because of the new team-based care model. It’s a totally different game having a team out there with me,” said Ashley. “Before, I felt isolated and not as supported as I am now.”

The Housecall Providers team recognized by AAHCM includes Ashley as Primary Care Provider, Crystal Delatorre as Care Coordinator, Nurse Gillian Beck van Heemstra, and Social Worker Cheryl Zechmann. Their collective dedication to delivering patient-centered care has not gone unnoticed.

Pippa Shulman, President of AAHCM, expressed her excitement about the extraordinary work carried out by Housecall Providers and other healthcare teams across the nation. “This team is truly making a difference in the lives of their patients,” Shulman stated.

Housecall Providers has been a pioneer in embracing the value of teamwork in caring for homebound and seriously ill patients, incorporating care coordinators into their model more than two decades ago. Over the last six years, the primary care practice has embraced an interdisciplinary, team-based care model, where patients are not just assigned a primary care provider but a comprehensive care team. This approach has not only improved patient care but also enhanced the satisfaction of caregivers and family members while promoting a supportive environment for its clinical team.

Crystal Delatorre emphasized the significance of collaboration within the interdisciplinary team. “When you can reach out to each other and get the support you need to care for our patients, it contributes to feeling less isolated,” she said.

The Housecall Providers team, which has worked together for over four years in various capacities, was nominated by primary care leadership for their outstanding representation of team-based care for homebound and seriously ill patients. Primary Care Director Scot Paul, RN, commended the team’s collective effort and their commitment to supporting each other, saying, “While the award honors particular staff, it acknowledges the collaborative spirit that runs through our entire organization.”

The recognition of Housecall Providers by AAHCM highlights the changes occurring within the healthcare industry, with team-based care models leading the way in delivering high-quality, patient-centered care.

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