A relic from our past

March 25, 2014
Bus Bench sign

This bench back was Housecall Providers’ first and only outdoor advertising campaign donated graciously by HCP friend Thim Baker. In 2003, 20 bench backs were roaming the city. Today, the sign lives in our break room awaiting a mini makeover before being displayed in honor on the wall.

A Benchmark for Housecall Providers

As a parting gift at his last board meeting in February, Bill Labberton, brought with him an relic of our past, a nearly seven foot one (!)  in the form of a bench back that had been part of our 2003 outdoor advertising campaign.

As the story goes, Housecall Providers friend and supporter, Thim Baker attended a local charity auction where he purchased a commercial advertising package that had been donated by Obie Advertising.  Thim then turned around and graciously offered the package to Housecall Providers. The initial award included the design of a bench back and a six month stint out in the community.  However, in addition, Obie included the design and production of 20 additional bench backs for Housecall Providers and also extended the display of the benches to 18 months, rotating them throughout the greater Portland area.  Normal customer costs for this entire package would have been almost $40,000!

Hats off to Thim Baker and Obie Advertising for their generosity and support in helping to establish the Housecall Providers brand in the community.



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