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August 24, 2023
Bereavement service for community

Bearing witness to someone’s life brings healing and builds community. Dean Yamamoto, Spiritual Counselor, and Laura Hansen, RN, of Housecall Providers recognize the power of such ceremonies.

Building community involves honoring those who have passed and acknowledging the part they played in the lives of those around them. At Prestige Senior Living Riverwood in Tualatin, Housecall Providers has been an important part of their community. Whether it be the medical house calls delivered to their residents, holding bereavement events for residents and staff, or just going the extra mile when asked, Housecall Providers strives to be a true partner at every turn.  

After a beloved resident passed away unexpectedly and without family, Housecall Providers Spiritual Counselor Dean Yamamoto and Hospice Nurse Laura Hansen, RN, decided to hold a bereavement ceremony to honor their life and to remember other residents and loved ones who had passed.

Setting up a beautifully decorated centerpiece on the dining hall table, Dean and Laura encouraged residents and staff to approach the table one at a time and participate in a ritual in which they would say a few words about someone who passed while placing a stone in a vase of water.

This simple act provided profound and moving closure and healing for all, bringing tears to the eyes of many participants. The ceremony was a time where individuals were able to intentionally remember loved ones, or in some cases, forgive them and find peace.

After the ceremony, several residents came up to Dean to thank him for the opportunity and healing. One woman stood out to Dean in particular. After her father died when she was young, her sister retreated into her own world. The two never again had a relationship. Her sister died years ago, and the service brought the pain of loss to the forefront once again. This opened the door for Dean to help her to explore ways, even in death, that she could call up a softer and more compassionate view of her sister.

Dean reflected on how services like these touch people at a deep and emotional place. Resident Services Director Shaunie Martinez recalled how powerful and meaningful the ceremony was for their community. The ceremony, she emphasized, was just one example of the impact that Dean, Laura and the entire Housecall Providers care team has on them.

“We just enjoy Dean so much; he was made for this work,” Shaunie said. “He has been such an asset to the residents and the staff.” She became emotional while describing the type of person Laura is and the many ways she goes above and beyond for her patients. Shaunie made sure to plan the bereavement service around Laura’s schedule to ensure she could be a part of it. “Laura has been a great nurse to work with,” said Shaunie. “She is part of our community, and she loves these residents.”

While sharing other stories about the immense commitment to patients by Housecall Providers social workers, liaisons and care team members, Shaunie added, “Everybody from Housecall Providers has been like that with me and the staff. A lot of companies say they do that, but they don’t deliver.”

Even small efforts can have enormous impact. To be of service to a community is an honor, but to become a part of that community is truly special. As Shaunie noted, providing care is not just transactional. It calls for compassion, authentic relationships and collaboration – all of which are core values of Housecall Providers.

Shaunie says it’s important to share the good news when a company goes above and beyond and is an ideal partner: “I feel like if they are doing such a good job, somebody needs to know.”


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