Partner Spotlight: Cadence Tanner Spring

March 8, 2022

Paula Jean Baker pauses for a moment in front of the view from the grounds at Cadence Tanner Spring in West Linn.


Nestled into the back of a quiet neighborhood in West Linn, with gorgeous vistas across the central Willamette valley behind, lies Cadence Tanner Spring, an assisted living community and home to several community members Housecall Providers is proud to serve.

Hundreds of institutional partners, from county health departments to medical equipment suppliers, play important roles in helping us deliver quality care to our patients. While each of these partnerships plays a vital role in ensuring our community has access to quality, in-home primary care, Cadence Tanner Spring and its dedicated staff especially highlight the nature of what partnerships and community mean to Housecall Providers and those we serve.

When we asked Paula Jean Baker, the RN Director at Cadence Tanner Spring, to describe the partnership from her perspective, she wasted no time getting to the point. “You are in communication not only

with me and Tanner Spring, but you are in communication with family members, and that helps complete that circle of collaboration for making quality of life for seniors excellent.” She appreciates the ability to cooperate with Housecall Providers and agrees that we are all better when we work together.

Cadence Tanner Spring focuses on nurturing positive partnerships to improve the lives of the residents at the facility, and Paula Jean described this as one of their strengths. She summed it up as a combination of treating each other like family and following the Golden Rule. “We work together best when we respect each other and take the time to check in.” This focus on tending to relationships as a part of the health care process makes Cadence Tanner Spring an outstanding partner to highlight in our Spring Partner Spotlight. Our communities are stronger when people come together and build relationships to ensure that the homebound and seriously ill have access to the medical care they need.



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