The new look comes from our past

June 14, 2019

We’re excited to unveil our new logo to the community! Like many redesigns, our new look was created through hours of time listening to staff about what Housecall Providers means to them, our patients and families and the larger community.

The image of the quilt rose to the top with the team that designed the logo because of the presence it has had within our organization. For years, community groups have donated these treasures as gifts for our patients, and one very special quilt had hung in our office for over 10 years. Yet, it was the symbolism behind the quilt that truly piqued the designers’ interest because it aligned so closely with the feedback they were receiving from staff.

The quilt that decorated the wall in the reception area was made by one of our patients. The heart-shaped squares stitched with words to live by was donated as an auction item, which was then purchased and donated back to us. People often asked about it as they walked through our reception area, and the origin story was told often. Now, a representation of that beautiful artifact lives on in our new logo. 

The feelings and ideas associated with the word “quilt” are also represented in the new logo. What comes to mind when you think of a quilt? Warmth, beauty, patience, skill, community-minded (quilting bee), security and comfort are a few of the words that stand out. Coincidentally, some of the same words were selected by staff to describe the services Housecall Providers offers to our patients.

There is also a phrase our hospice nurses say when a patient’s immediate needs have been met and they are resting comfortably. They will say that a patient is “tucked in” and everyone on that team knows that they have been fully taken care of for the night. Like a quilt, the staff of Housecall Providers strives to be that layer of comfort and security to patients and family members who seek the support that only a home-based medical house call can provide


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