The perfect care for Melanie- now and in the future

December 15, 2015
Sunny and Melanie

Sunny and Melanie

Sunny Williams and Melanie have been together for a long time. For nearly 20 years, Sunny has been Melanie’s companion and caregiver, working with Melanie’s family to provide the round-the-clock care she needs. When Sunny met Melanie in Lincoln City in 1996 she immediately felt a connection.

“She put her head on my shoulder at our first meeting,” Sunny says. “I knew there was a bond between us. I agreed to help out. Melanie is an amazing woman. There is something constant about her being. It draws me to want to help her. I give her comfort and she gives me joy.”

When Sunny decided to move back to Portland to be near her brother, who was seriously ill, she and Melanie’s parents decided it would be best for Melanie to go with her. Melanie, 30 years old when the pair relocated to Beaverton, did well in her new home but Sunny had trouble finding the right primary care provider to meet Melanie’s needs.

“They all wanted to tell us how Melanie’s care should be managed. They wanted to prod and poke her and do all kinds of tests. We said, ‘We know how to take care of her! We need someone who will accept us and will work with us. We’ve been doing this for years, and no one can believe how healthy she is!’ It was a very disappointing, aggravating and time consuming struggle.”

Finally, Sunny discovered Housecall Providers. After her first conversation with the intake team she knew she had found something special. “They were the only ones who asked us to describe her circumstances. When we did, they said, ‘Let’s move forward.’”

When Melanie and Sunny entered Housecall Providers’ circle of care last September, Sunny was so impressed with the services they received that she wanted to help make sure they would always be available to those who need them.


“From that first phone call to our first visit with Christina Park [physician assistant, Melanie’s primary care provider], they have accepted us, are professional, work on our timeline and respect Melanie’s routine.”

With a few simple sentences, Sunny created a provision for Housecall Providers in her will, ensuring that this vital care will be available for patients like Melanie long into the future. For someone like Sunny, who has spent her whole life caring for others, there could be no better legacy.

For now, Sunny and Melanie appreciate working with a compassionate medical team that truly understands them.

“Christina said to me, ‘You know Melanie, you tell us what she needs.’ No one has ever said that. I was so grateful to finally hear it!”


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