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December 19, 2022

As we wind down the last days of 2022, there is certainly a lot happening with Housecall Providers’ Volunteer Program.

The big news is that we have begun working on a new project. The concept is simple: we will begin placing multiple volunteers into some of the care communities that we serve, each assigned to come in on a different day of the week. Over the course of their visits, they will work with all Housecall Providers patients living in those communities. This will allow us to better support our community partners, bring more volunteer energy to more of our patients, and create an opportunity for our volunteers to serve our patients in a whole new way. There will certainly be more written about this project here in the space over the course of subsequent posts. For now, if you would like to volunteer to be a part of this, please contact us at volunteers@housecallproviders.org.  Our first two care communities will be in South Portland.

Another thing that has kept us busy is recruiting and training new volunteers. So far this month, four new volunteers have completed our Patient Care training and are in the process of being cleared for service. This is a substantial time commitment on their part, as well as a substantial investment of our time to assist them in doing so – and I never take it for granted. Whenever a volunteer decides to take on our mission as part of their own personal mission, I feel a deep responsibility to make sure that their time and energy feels purposeful and rewarding. Thank you to our new trainees. We feel lucky to have you!

As we approach the holiday season, it is my pleasure to wish season’s greetings everyone reading this. For some, this is a time of warmth and joy. For others, it may be a time of loss or complicated memories. One thing I have learned after 11 years of doing this job, each of us has the power to uplift others simply by making contact, so please be kind to each other.

I will leave you with this. We got a request for our music program last week that was as simple and clear as any we have ever gotten: “Please send as much Sinatra as you have.”  Just a few days later, we delivered a music player filled with 8.5 hours-worth of ‘Old Blue Eyes.’  Among the many tracks on that player was the one below – a perfect sentiment for this time of year! Love is indeed what keeps us warm when days and nights are cold.

Frank Sinatra – I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm


Happy Holidays to All

Todd Lawrence
Volunteer Coordinator
Housecall Providers



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