Welcome to the New Housecall Providers Volunteer Program Blog!

August 9, 2022

Cut the ribbon!

We are proud to launch this blog today, as a way of communicating to the community about the amazing things that Housecall Providers Volunteers do every day.  

One of the things about the work that our volunteers do is that it is quite often done in quiet spaces, with sometimes-minimal words and no fanfare. Our patient care volunteers make time weekly to visit with a person on our service, offering a friendly presence and companionship. It is deep work that matters but isn’t seen or acknowledged often enough.

Similarly, our administrative volunteers provide support to our staff in a million small ways, making it possible for us to fulfill our mission of Bringing Health Care Home to those who would otherwise not receive it.

In the almost 10+ years that I have run this program, I’ve seen and heard countless stories of subtle grace and service that have kept me going and motivated me daily to keep doing this work. So I am excited to have a space to share our stories, lesson’s learned, information about activities, upcoming trainings and profiles of our wonderful community of volunteers. I hope that you will check in periodically and see all that is happening!

Todd Lawrence, CVA

Volunteer Coordinator


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