Your Holiday Gift Makes a Difference

December 10, 2018

As a home-based primary care nurse practitioner, I’m honored to be invited into the lives of my patients and their families – to see their family photos, meet their pets, and hear their stories.

Amy Long,
Nurse Practitioner

Every patient’s story is different, but they share a common problem: they are seriously ill and/or homebound, and they’re having trouble getting the care they need. People like you help solve this problem.

We’re grateful to our community for supporting Housecall Providers, helping to make quality primary, palliative and hospice care available to over 2,400 families last year. 

With your gift, we can care for even more people in need. 

Imagine the difference your gift could make for a couple like Clara and John, who represent some of the thousands of seniors we’ve cared for over the last 23 years.

Clara and her husband John have lived in their home for more than four decades. They always planned to grow old together in the home where they raised their family.

But things started to change after Clara’s stroke. At first, they did OK. John became Clara’s full-time caregiver, and their grown daughters helped with the cooking and cleaning. It wasn’t an easy way to live, but it was worth it.

Then over time, Clara became more easily confused, more anxious, and less stable on her feet. The once-simple task of making a trip to the clinic became an hours-long ordeal that left her confused and exhausted.

As Clara grew weaker, it became clear that she couldn’t make her medical appointments on the best days – much less when she was feeling ill. And without seeing her primary care provider, Clara couldn’t get her home health nurse recertified, order medical equipment through her insurer, or get her prescriptions refilled.

John feared that despite what they had always hoped, they would have to sell the house and move into a facility where Clara could get the regular medical care she needed. What other options did they have?

Your generosity creates options for people like Clara and John.

  • With your help, a Housecall Providers primary care clinician can visit Clara and John, bringing all the functions of a medical clinic to their home.
  • Our team of nurses, social workers, chaplains, and care coordinators can connect them to other community supports, help them think about their health care goals, and avoid unnecessary hospital stays.
  • When the time is right, our hospice program can support Clara and John’s family through the end of life.

This December, will you make a gift to help more families like this access the coordinated care they need in the place they call home?

Our services are only available because of the kindness of individuals like you, whose donations help close the gap between the cost of delivering this care and the payments we receive from public and private insurers.

Thank you for giving generously to help make this important work possible.

With best wishes this holiday season,
Amy Long
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

P.S. This year alone, millions of homebound people will go without any primary medical care because Housecall Providers is not a part of their community. Please help us make this care more widely available by making a gift today!




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