Thank you Sen. Wyden for your continued support of Housecall Providers
and for your leadership on the national demonstration project, Independence at Home.

We Come to You!

Housecall Providers is a Portland area nonprofit that delivers personalized, proactive primary medical care to homebound adults with complex health problems or disabilities. Our highly qualified staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provides primary medical care exclusively in the homes of nearly 1,400 patients throughout the Portland metropolitan community. We believe that in-home medical services for elderly and homebound patients can improve health outcomes, increase patient comfort and reduce health care costs.

Our model of health care means our patients don’t have to make difficult trips to receive primary medical care. They receive quality medical care in the residence of their choice, be it in a home, residential setting or adult foster care. In addition to our primary care practice, we offer transitional care (hospital to home) and hospice services where our patients can complete their lives with dignity, respect and compassion.

Learn more about

  • Our patient services and whether you or a family member qualifies.
  • How your donation can help improve the lives of elderly and disabled patients in the Portland area.
  • The career opportunities for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the innovative new field of in-home medical care.
  • How you can volunteer to support our mission.

For 20 years, Housecall Providers has been a leader in demonstrating the quality, medical efficacy and cost efficiency of providing primary medical care in the home to elderly and disabled homebound patients. Over those years, we have made over 135,000 house calls and served over 7,000 patients. Last year we admitted over 550 new patients and made over 11,500 house calls. Over 95% of our patients have been satisfied or highly satisfied with Housecall Providers’ services according to surveys. Housecall Providers was selected to be one of the 17 sites involved in the three year national Medicare demonstration project, Independence at Home – and the only one west of Texas.

quotes-rquotesThe security that Housecall Providers has added to my life makes me so grateful. Having Christina examine me in my home, as opposed to me dragging my oxygen and braced knees in for an appointment, has meant the world to me and been such a blessing.

Sher Bauman – Housecall Providers patient