If you love what you do, you deserve to love where you work.

Housecall Providers is a pioneering nonprofit organization that was built on reviving a classic and needed approach to medical care: the medical house call. Since 1995, we’ve provided excellent, patient-centered, in-home medical care to homebound or chronically ill residents within the Portland tri-county area. Our services have expanded to include community-based palliative care and hospice.

In May 2017, Housecall Providers became an official member of the CareOregon family. This strategic partnership is working to increase access and enhance home-based medicine across the Portland metro area.

In treating patients in their homes, our clinicians see their patients’ big picture at a glance, enabling them to practice better medicine. Seeing the home setting enables them to consider and assess living conditions, functional status, overall life and the quality of care.

We are always looking for qualified, compassionate candidates who believe in our mission and share our values. Please come back often to view future employment opportunities.



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