Our Mission, Vision & Values

“They are not just waiting for that acute situation to come up. They offer and they look for ways to make life easier and better instead of waiting for you to ask for it.”

—Naomi Rasmussen, daughter of a patient

Our Mission: why we exist

Improving lives by bringing health care home

Our Vision: our desired future

To sustainably transform home-based medicine so all homebound adults and those living with serious illness have access to care that improves their quality of life.

Our Values: what we believe in

We are devoted to collaboration and teamwork.

  • We listen to understand the perspectives of everyone involved in the care of our patients.
  • We nurture relationships internally and externally to ensure seamless patient care across our continuum.
  • We clarify team member responsibilities to promote individual and collective accountability.
  • We recognize one another’s contributions because we know success demands a team effort.

We cultivate authentic relationships to foster a sense of belonging.

  • We recognize and correct exclusion.
  • We approach differences with humility and awareness of our own biases.
  • We give feedback with kindness and integrity.

We’re steadfast about problem solving and timely execution.

  • We solve root causes instead of symptoms.
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable to timelines.
  • We communicate regularly throughout the change process.

We relentlessly earn our patients’ and customers’ loyalty.

  • We listen with empathy to connect with our customers.
  • We respond quickly to relieve distress and reduce frustration.
  • We take time to understand and meet the needs of our customers.
  • We follow through on our commitments to enable trust in all our interactions.

We deliver exceptional clinical outcomes for our patients. 

  • We nurture the holistic wellbeing of the patient, family, and caregiver.
  • Our interdisciplinary care is guided by shared decision making with patients using the best available evidence.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • We cultivate continual improvement in service to ongoing excellence.

We are champions for social justice.

  • We advocate for those with less voice, less power, less privilege, and less access.
  • We honor the inherent value of every person by treating all people with dignity.
  • We implement care model improvements to promote health equity based on existing disparities.
  • We utilize a trauma-informed approach in our care delivery.

Diversity Statement

We embrace the diversity of our employees, patients, and those who care for them. Through awareness and advocacy, we are working to create health equity by recognizing and reducing barriers that affect non-dominant groups within Housecall Providers and our communities at large.

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